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Garry Allen Watin is a graduate of Fine Arts from the University of San Carlos. Aside from painting, his other passion is teaching. He eagerly shares his knowledge in the arts as an instructor of Multimedia Arts in Cebu Institute of Technology- University. He is trained in the style of Realism and loves to paint portraits. His aim as a portrait artist is not just to paint any body’s faces, but people he considers as “Winners”.


Winners for him are “everyday folks” like a hardworking and responsible father, loving husband, devoted wife, obedient children or passionate people like athletes, entrepreneurs, innovators and movers of society. The reason why he paints these “winners”, because of their contagious positive attitudes. He wants to be infected with it and be like them as “winners”. Somehow these people are very idealistic in their “approach of life”, very similar to Garry’s approach in art.


Garry believes that art uplifts the human spirit. As an artist, it is his responsibility to create idealistic images of “reality” for people to aspire for, not just to show the “reality of life” as it is. In his own words, “if life is cruel as some people see it, as an artist, I want to show images of faith, beauty and love. People may realize that with the right attitude along with a strong faith in God, life can be a Paraiso”.

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